Lot 79 - Collection of Famous Hair Cuttings

Collection of Famous Hair Cuttings

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A collection of authentic strands of hair from 23 famous heads. Each 1/16” strand is presented on a display card which is perfect for framing.

The collection is made up of hairs from:

Neil Armstrong
Marilyn Monroe
Elizabeth Taylor
President John Adams
Paul McCartney
Justin Bieber
Hans Christian Andersen
Napoleon Bonaparte
Maria Callas
Charles Dickens
King Edward VII
King George III
Katharine Hepburn
Jackie Kennedy
John F. Kennedy
Lord Nelson
Elvis Presley
Baron Von Richthofen
John Steinbeck
President George Washington
Duke of Wellington
Michael Jackson

Marilyn Monroe’s hair originates from Saturday May 19th 1962 when she sang Happy Birthday Mr. President to President John. F Kennedy for his 45th birthday celebrations. The hair comes from Marilyn’s hairdresser’s personal collection.

Hairs from John Adams, Geronimo, Hans Christian Andersen, Napoleon Bonaparte, Charles Dickens, King George III, George Washington and the Duke of Wellington originate from the famed collection of Margaretta Pierrepont, wife of President Ulysses S Grant's Attorney General.

Justin Bieber’s hair originates from his famous 2011 haircut. He gave some of the clippings to Ellen Degeneres after she tweeted "All I want for my birthday is a lock of Justin Bieber's hair". Ellen then sold the hair on eBay for $40,668, with the proceeds going towards her favourite charity, The Gentle Barn. The hair was purchased by the Golden Palace Casino and now forms part of their travelling museum of weird and wonderful merchandise. Justin donated the rest of the hair to his favourite charity, Pencils of Promise. They in turn contacted Paul Fraser Collectibles who acquired the hair in return for a considerable donation that is to be used to build a new school in the developing world.

Neil Armstrong’s hair is accompanied by a copy of a sworn testimony from Neil Armstrong's barber declaring the hair to be genuine: "This is to inform you that I have been the barber of record of Neil Armstrong since October 1999. I generally cut his hair once a month. This is the, Neil Armstrong, who was an astronaut for N.A.S.A. and the first man to walk on the moon. I do attest that the hair clippings submitted to you are his hairs that I cut from his head."

Elvis Presley’s hair originates from his famous Army haircut on March 25 1958 at Fort Chaffee. The hair from this historic cut was passed to Elvis' close friend Gary Pepper to share amongst Elvis fan club members around the globe. Gary Pepper was the President of one of the Elvis' first fan clubs, allowing him to amass a significant collection of personal effects gifted to him from Elvis himself. This piece of hair is from the famed Gary Pepper collection of Elvis memorabilia.

Michael Jackson’s hair originates from the infamous Pepsi commercial where Michael’s hair caught fire during filming. Executive producer for the Pepsi commercial, Ralph Cohen, was among the first to aid Jackson. As seen on the now famous video, Cohen threw his Armani jacket over Jackson's head to help extinguish the flames. On removing the jacket Cohen found Michael's hair attached to the jacket.

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Collection of Famous Hair Cuttings Collection of Famous Hair Cuttings Collection of Famous Hair Cuttings

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