Lot 70 - Rolf Harris Original Drawing

Rolf Harris Original Drawing

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An autographed drawing of Jake the Peg by Rolf Harris

An original self-portrait sketch by Rolf Harris (1930- ). The sketch, which measures 8¼" x 11¾", depicts an angry dog growling at Harris who is dressed in his Jake the Peg costume. It has been signed by Harris in bold, red ink in the top left hand corner.

Jake the Peg is one of Harris' most famous songs and is about a three-legged man. He would perform the song with a theatrical prop leg which he would wear under a long coat. Part of fun of the routine was trying to figure out which leg was false as Harris would keep his hands in his pocket and use them to manoeuvre the prop leg.

In fine condition.

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Rolf Harris Original Drawing

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